Spring in Summer

This year the Spring market is occurring in the Summer.


Typically the busiest months for real estate along the Front Range are April, May and June.


This year, because showing activity was restricted in the Spring months, we are seeing robust activity this Summer.


Here’s an indicator.  Sales through July 2020 versus July 2019 are up:

  • 12.6% in Metro Denver
  • 17% in Northern Colorado

To see double-digit increases in sales despite was is occurring in the National economy, is nothing short of remarkable.

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Big Bones Canine Rescue-Windsor Needs

Big Bones Canine Rescue has a few new medical cases, and are always in need of donations!  Any amount helps to save these dog’s lives!


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Why Rescue?

*Every year, 8-12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized

*Adopting from a rescue reduces the overpopulation cycle, as most pets are spayed and neutered

*A rescue dog has been abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner

*All breeds can be found at a rescue

*Rescue dogs flourish in a forever home

Big Bones Canine Rescue is an all-volunteer rescue that was founded in January, 2013 in Windsor, Colorado.  It is run by people dedicated to saving dogs from euthanasia.  They have approximately 700 volunteers in Colorado and Wyoming.

In 2014, there was a fire that started from an oil heater in one of the buildings that house dogs that are not in a foster home.  Luckily, no dogs were injured and the fire was put out quickly.  Here is a link to the article in the Greeley Tribune.

Big Bones adopted out 755 dogs in 2016, 1284 in 2017 and 1467 in 2018.  The need for fosters increases each year.

Big Bones Canine Rescue has volunteers that locate dogs in California, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and routinely transport them to Colorado.  They also receive dogs from other states, owner surrenders, puppy mills, breeders, and stray dogs.  Many dogs come to the rescue with medical issues, need surgeries, medications, vaccinations and treatments.  Several veterinary offices discount their services for Big Bones pups, and we are so grateful for them!  Since Big Bones is a 501(c)3 non-profit, everything is paid for through adoption fees and donations.

Fostering is very rewarding and makes me so happy!  Our family has fostered 18 dogs and only adopted one!  We love to see their confidence grow and learn how to be in a home.  Some we have to potty train, others are already trained, spayed or neutered and LOVE being in our home.  They get happy and sassy, then they get to go to their forever home.  It bring us great joy!

Please go to the Big Bones Canine Rescue website, see the adoptable dogs, or donate crates, dog food, or make a financial donation.  Thank you!  Link below:


Bella weighed 2 lbs!

Fiona the night we brought her home!

Sammy came from a breeder

Sammy came from a breeder.

Larry the day we brought him home!



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